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So many fabulous links!

January 9, 2000

LDOCE dictionary vocab list
Only these words (and in fact, only certain senses of these words) are used to define other words in the dictionary. A larger and more practical on semantic primitives, I guess.

January 8, 2001

normal updates resuming. or at least that is my intention.

lexicon of linguistics
very meta-ish, I think. layers and layers of meaning and reference.

another lexicon, although not available on the web axcept for a description.

December 28, 2000

an IPA chart
no more digging through my old schoolwork to find that tattered photocopy stuck in the back of some folder from phonetics class. the jpg is hefty, but seems to download with reasonable speed.

the exploding dictionary
where every word in the definition is hyperlinked and superclickable. what wordnet should be, I think. of course, this uses wordnet, so maybe they'll catch on eventually.

December 21, 2000

canadian aboriginal languages page
with samples in wav and real audio. made for kids, but linguists are I think all children at heart. It's interesting to see how all these languages deal with (probable) loan words like pizza or ice cream.

some BBC stuff concerning english
do you remember the story of english? so good. I have the book.

December 14, 2000

I will be archiving shortly and doing some redesign, as soon as time permits.

a thesaurus
by some guy in portugal. I'm guessing the 'roget' in the url means this has connection to the thesaurus of roget fame.
conveniently named, and a seemingly large portion of the public domain, all available for your searching needs.

December 13, 2000

many many recordings of an assortment of languages
or at least a list of some major important phrases. (for stuff like Xhosa, which it's hard to find native speakers of, I guess.)

December 12, 2000

English as She is Spoke
via memepool. Phrasebooks it seems, should not be mixed with each other.

December 11, 2000

Assorted German Language tools
Including a spell checker, morphology browser . So you can tell your genitive from your dative and spell it correctly. Ausgezeichnet.

December 10, 2000

it is my future goal to have more than one link a day. until then...

Map of North American English Dialects
I think that isoglosses are about the neatest thing around. admittedly the sharp linguistic lines that they attempt to depict are usually a lot fuzzier in reality, but it is nonetheless interesting to look at this map and see phonological differences in american speech and realize that thinking of people that you know from a specific area that they do in fact talk that way (event if their speech seems pretty standard)

December 7, 2000

the FrameNet project
neat idea, but the site is a little dense in terms of what it has to say.

December 5, 2000

hong kong corpus
not totally up and runnning, although there are some samples of hong kong english. part of the international corpus of english project, which looks to be pretty cool when it gets all up and running.

December 4, 2000's word of the day
they have one too. I guess everybody has one. I guess I should have noticed before, what with its being prominently placed on their web site and all.

November 30, 2000

web site with phonetics/spectrogram resources
click on a given phonetic symbol to see its spectrogram! fun stuff! It's been a while for me with phonetics, so I can't differentiate between vowels and all but if I want to get back into practice, I know where to go.

November 29, 2000

large numbers of texts in foreign languages
not linguistics per se, but I didn't do a link for today and felt kind of bad. Includes some norse sagas among other things.

November 28, 2000

cockney rhyming slang dictionary
I think that the substitution of "Christian Slater" for "Later" is perhaps among the cleverer inventions.

November 27, 2000

another wordnet interface
with some added features, most notably translation into some rarish languages. ugly design, but still fairly practical I guess.

November 25, 2000

everything you could conceivably want to know about hittite and hurrian mythology
certainly more that my year of hittite ever taught me.

November 22, 2000

hey! another linguistics weblog!
And here I thought I was all alone in the world, blogging away all by myself. who knew.

November 21, 2000

searchable english corpus with french translation
or vice versa. kinda cool.

November 20, 2000

An interview with AskJeeves
this is simply hilarious.

So it appears that blogger is having some supermajorhuge technical problems. And I can't post, like ever. so MAD! okay, no more ranting for now, but I am gonna add this to the sidebar.

November 17, 2000

linguistic maps page
Maps of language groups, etc. neat stuff

November 16, 2000

corpus linguistics page
So much corporeality, it hurts.

the Linguist List
from which I get a daily digest. everybody knows about it though, so I didn't put it up on my first batch of links. well, it's here now, for all your linguistlist needs or whatever.

Linguistics Abstracts Online
Although I have to say that I'm really lazy and don't read journals/abstracts/whatever as much as I should.

linguistics quiz
a bit Anglocentric, but otherwise amusing.

November 14, 2000.

Some more searching tools
Quite fun. It seems that there is a stronger relationship between onions and any given vegetable than with anything else.

November 13, 2000

My other log
I've decided that non-linguistics links will be logged over here. It seems that there are a few technical issues that I need to resolve, but there should be some rather nice improvements in the near future.

Another Searchable Corpus
Since the BNC is in a rather grumpy mood of late. More context would be nice, but oh well.

November 10, 2000.

Ancient Scripts Page
Quite snazzy. also source of link below.

Everybody's favorite anatolian language. I believe, if I remember correctly, that this script was also used for monumental inscriptions by the Hittites. I'll check on that.

November 9, 2000. No president yet.
so far. Supposedly, at least part of this should be resolved at the end of the day, though it looks as though that whole palm beach ballot weirdness is headed for a court battle. but enough of that. on to links. there are some non-linguistics links in the workings, but none so far.

Oh, look - an NLP faq
Rather ugly formatwise, but at least it looks pretty informative, judging from my swift perusal. but I could be wrong.

The Word of the Day
Really, the word of the day. With tons of etymological etymology. Historical linguistics is so much fun. I'm gonna add some historical links in the near future.

Tuesday, November 7, 2000. Election Day.

More Computational Linguistics Links than you thought Humanly Possible
Wow. It'll take me a while to wade through all of these, but rest assured I will carry on the struggle.

Verb Alternation Engine
of Beth Levin Fame. And perl-based, too, it seems.

November 3, 2000

with Basque even! and bright coloring. despite requiring a bit of tinkering to get the results you want, I really really like eurowordnet. more links forthcoming. honest.

Nov. 1, 2000. All Saints' Day. Or maybe All Souls' Day.

below are all the various assorted things that have been sitting around among my bookmarks and pertain at least somewhat to linguistics. Anyway, that's all here now, and I must say that I feel rather proud of my diligence and hard work. more links on the way. I have big plans. well, medium-sized plans. but plans anyway.

the cambridge smorgasbord of dictionaries
Quite useful what with the /phonemic/ transcription and all, with respective L and $ signs for english and american pronunciation.
also quite useful. especially for tech-ish things.
the name is pretty descriptive. It would be nice, in my opinion, if online dictionaries were more browsing-friendly., it seems only lets you browse if you type in a word that doesn't exist. I haven't really tinkered with it that much, though.

Interesting project attempting to incorporate relations between word meanings. could use a better interface, but nonetheless a useful resource for lexicography. There is also EuroWordNet, which I have to poke around a bit to find, cause I can't remember where it is exactly.

the King James Bible Search
Not terribly useful for dealing with the language as it's used today, but still kind of fun, especially when looking for words of a biblical-sounding nature.

the British National Corpus
Which is a very useful resource for finding out how a particular word is used, although their part-of-speech tagging is perhaps a bit mediocre. There is a lot of general Englishness about, especially among the recorded conversations that contrast so nicely with dry newspaper articles and the occasional trashy romance novel.

the answerlogic home page
This being my first entry, I thought that I'd put up where I work, since that's where I am right now.